5 Types of Books to Read to Infants

5 types of books to read to an infant

5 Types of Books to Read to Infants

As a new parent, every person definitely thinks about What types of books are good for infants? and What kind of books a baby should be read?

Reading to young children is a wonderful method to enhance early literacy skills and cultivate a love of literature. It’s crucial to consider the developmental stage and reading preferences of newborns when selecting books to read to them. The books for a 6 month old baby would be different from the books read to a 1 year old.

Here are a few well-liked and suggested choices:

Cloth Books or Board books:

As young children frequently put objects in their mouths, cloth books are the best option to ensure they do not harm themselves in any way. Cloth Books are washable and soft, thus won’t harm the baby in any way. Board books with durable bindings and thick pages are also a great option. They are resilient to mishandling and are simple to clean. Till the child is mouthing objects, we recommend sticking to a variety of cloth books or soft books, keeping it hygienic and safe for the little one.

Books with Short and Simple Stories:

Short attention spans in infants make books with basic storylines and repetitious language ideal. This age group enjoys reading rhyming books. Simple stories are good for infants as it helps parents spend quality time with their child while conversing with them. This is the first step in improving a child’s language skills.

Interactive Books

featuring tactile elements, liftable flaps, or audio features make for great product to engage infants and keep their attention. As a child grows from an infant to a toddler, he or she is developing more control on his or her body is wants to explore more. A wide variety of books help at this age. Ranging from cloth books with rattles or teethers or squeaky toys for infants to boardbooks with pull out tabs, flaps, even zips and laces to improve their fine motor skills and pincer grip.

First Words Books or Books with recognisable imagery:

Little children are only beginning to learn about the world around them, so books featuring images of pets or other objects they are familiar with make wonderful choices. First Words books cover popular topics like Things around the House, Animals, Colours, Shapes, Numbers, Things seen in a Park or Garden and much more. These are some of the popular Books to Read to Infants.

High-contrast books:

Babies up to three months old will be drawn to books with vivid black, white, and red graphics because they are drawn to high-contrast visuals. From that point on, their vision and perception of colour only get better. Infants start identifying primary colours and by the age of 6 to 8 months they can see almost all the colours as their vision improves.

In general, the secret is to pick books that are appealing to the eye, interesting to read, and appropriate for their developmental stage. Remember that the goal of reading to babies is to help them develop a positive relationship with literature, so enjoy yourself and this precious time together!

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