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Book-based Crafts and Activities for Young Readers

Book based Crafts and Activities ideas

Children are transported to fantastical settings when books are read to them. This arouses their imagination and provides a wealth of opportunities for fun, interactive activities. Including book-based crafts and activities can be a wonderful approach to promote a passion for literature. These will also improve children’s cognitive abilities, and unleash their creativity in the […]

Benefits of Early Reading to a Child

Benefits of Early Reading

For a child’s general development, reading to them from an early age offers several advantages. Early reading can help children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, and emotionally. The following are the Top 5 Advantages of Early Reading for Children: Development of Language Early reading to a child fosters the development of their language abilities. New words […]

What Are the Benefits of Cloth Books for Infants and Babies?

Cloth Books Soft Books for kids

Are you a new-age parent looking for unique methods to keep your babies productively engaged? Over the years, people have come up with countless tips and tricks to get their child to learn and grow. While we cannot discount the contribution of conventional books, we must admit that the times have changed. And with the […]

What Are The Benefits of Activity Books for Children

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The Benefits of Activity Books for Children It is every parent’s desire to fulfill all their children’s developmental needs. Taking the conscious decision of introducing activity books to kids from an early age can make all the difference. But the question of the hour remains – is fiction really enough? Let’s tackle this question a […]