What Are the Benefits of Cloth Books for Infants and Babies?

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Are you a new-age parent looking for unique methods to keep your babies productively engaged? Over the years, people have come up with countless tips and tricks to get their child to learn and grow. While we cannot discount the contribution of conventional books, we must admit that the times have changed. And with the dynamic changes around us, we must give our children something new and exciting to help them progress with their early learning.

In this context, let us talk about cloth books, which are also called busy books or quiet books. These fabric books are perfect for introducing the concept of books to kids. With plush, soft covers and bright illustrations, cloth books can make children more enthusiastic about books and reading.

Reading is an essential activity that every child needs to conquer, be it academically or for the purpose of pleasure reading. It enhances children’s language skills and makes them more confident while tackling school lessons. But even before that, it is necessary that we acquaint children to the concept of learning via books. This can be successfully executed with the help of busy books or cloth books. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits in more details:

Safe for babies:

As we all know, having infants in the house can be quite a handful at times! Admittedly, most early learning books do not excite children and can even seem dull to them. So, what should you do at this juncture? The answer lies in cloth books. They have a soft exterior, which means that they are safe for babies and infants to use and are absolutely tear-proof, which translates to the fact that even after mishandling or tampering, they will remain intact and your babies can use it for a long time. The soft and plushy pages make a rustling or crinkly sound when overturned. Additionally, since they have no hard corners, they can easily be used by children without getting hurt. As we are all aware, young children often take on to the habit of chewing. Fortunately, cloth or quiet books are often made with soft or chewable edges that babies can test out without fearing any kind of accidents.

Easy cleaning options:

What’s more, cloth books or quiet books are super-light, machine-washable and reusable! (Which means that they can be carried anywhere and even if your little one spills something, you can just wash and reuse it). And, since they are made completely out of cloth, these books tend to last more than other kinds of books. The colours and graphics do not easily fade and can be maintained with just a quick wash.

Promotes early learning:

This goes without saying that these books help in the proper cognitive development of children. But apart from that, since they are made out of fabric, they stimulate sensory abilities in kids, especially when they have three dimensional elements in them that children can touch and move around. This in turn advances their hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Moreover, since most of these books are ‘silent’ and make no sorts of sound, they promote a quiet, positive learning environment for kids. It supports their efforts to individual or self-learning and boosts concentration over time.

It's Bath Time Cloth Book Quiet Book

Diverse themes:

Coming to the topics or categories, there are really no restrictions. This is amazing, as you can introduce and teach your children a number of skills even before they join school. For instance, some of the most common subjects include numbers, alphabets, vehicles, animal kingdom, shapes and first words. With repetitive reading and glancing, children automatically learn to recognize these on their own. Over a span of time, it gets embedded into their memory and they can automatically name things without the help of elders. When they have a good grasp over key words and concepts, they can build a good base for their vocabulary and thus, enhance their communication skills. This makes them more aware of their surroundings, which is a necessary aspect of early learning.

Cloth books can also contain topics like daily chores or even very basic stories. For example, “nighttime routines” or “getting ready for school” or “bath time” are quite common among these. These are extremely beneficial for teaching children good habits from a young age.

Our top recommendations are: 

Provides entertainment:

When you read out such content to your kids, they get to enjoy it while learning something new. This kind of material can be used to act out as well. When you encourage your children to learn a routine with rhythmic movements, it makes the activity even more fun! Of course, this increases their motor skills and makes them more physically active. And there’s no denying that when you indulge in such precious moments with your kids, it makes for the sweetest memories!

In some cases, cloth books might have an attached bell or rattle toy. This makes children more attentive, encouraging a healthy development of hearing abilities and perception of different kinds of sounds. And believe it or not, this little toy can be used for your little one’s amusement for hours on end! They can enjoy the soothing sound and acquire knowledge at the same time.

Here’s what we suggest:

Develops mental acuity through activities:

For kids who are a bit older, or who already have an established understanding of alphabets and letters, can benefit from the activity cloth books. We highly recommend these as they provide entertainment and inspire children to think out of the box. Activities like matching, buttoning, pulling the zippers and ‘guessing the object or animal’ prompts children to use their mental power and come up with various creative solutions. These kinds of activities develop problem-solving skills in kids and keeps their brain sharp at all times.

Our suggestions are:

Bright and colourful content:

The text or narration of cloth or quiet books is usually coupled with bright visual aids. This type of book generally focuses on using primary colours, mostly against black or white backgrounds. This is intentionally done to support the visual skills of children. These colours seem to be more perceptible to toddlers, and thus, easier for them to comprehend. So, even if they have not learnt reading, they can still look at the pages of the book and gauge its content. Books which have vivid illustrations also tend to be more interesting to children. They can spend hours on these books without getting bored or tired.

Be it the soft crinkle sound or the colourful images, your babies are going to appreciate these books a lot. And good news for you, the choices are never-ending! So, sign in to your account today and pick out some cloth books for your little ones.

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