What Are The Benefits of Activity Books for Children

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The Benefits of Activity Books for Children

It is every parent’s desire to fulfill all their children’s developmental needs. Taking the conscious decision of introducing activity books to kids from an early age can make all the difference. But the question of the hour remains – is fiction really enough? Let’s tackle this question a bit more elaborately by understanding the Benefits of Activity Books for Children.

Let us consider a sponge. If you expose it to water, it will expand due to its massive absorbing power. If you think of your child in a similar manner, you will find that they can absorb information exactly like that. The growing years of a child are the most lucrative when it comes to picking up new skills or enhancing their talents. In fact, the pace at which they get accustomed to new activities is extremely impressive. It is imperative to take advantage of this period. However, providing a proper outlet and resources is of utmost importance.

If you want your children to thrive and realize their maximum potential, then you must introduce them to the Activity Books for Children from a tender age. Brain boosting activities for children like puzzles and mazes effectively improve a number of skill sets in them. Matching and completing patterns and visual recognition through hidden pictures are some of the most effective brain-teasing exercises that assist in building critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills in young children.

At this juncture, it is important to mention that children of different ages absorb and respond to activity books in different ways;

For instance, the primary aim of parents of young children who fall in the age group of 2 to 5 years is to improve their visual perception. The ability to see and recognize each object for successful completion of the activity is crucial. Apart from jigsaw puzzles, you can encourage them to partake in other visual activities like finding hidden pictures or tracing dots. These are super helpful in improving memory and providing young ones with a fair idea about objects and their shapes.

Children at this age might also require assistance from elders in completing an activity. Hence, not only do these books make for great bonding sessions but are beneficial in making children more cooperative. This can help establish a healthy “team-player” attitude in children from an early age. By the time children turn 5 years old, their minds should be ready to handle formal education at school. What’s more, these activities impart a number of social skills so as to prepare them for a school environment.

As we have already established, activity books for children, especially for the ones who are young, provide the right kind of “push” to encourage your child in learning new things. It makes them more open to learning a mixed palette of subjects, be it at school or at home. From the age of 5, children can confidently develop an individualistic approach to discovering new activities. The span of 4 years from age 5 to 8 years is thus, equally vital. Activity books for these ages are of course, slightly more challenging. Children belonging to this age group can pick up more advanced concepts like logical reasoning, strategizing, and abstract thinking. Puzzles, mazes, search, and find books – are all amazing interactive books and kits for children to come up with original strategies. These books teach kids how to plan ahead and take charge during challenging situations.

The end of this period also marks the end of a child’s formative years. This phase triggers rapid social, physical, and intellectual growth in children. While a percentage of that is reserved for genetics, much of it is owed to an individual’s social experience, interaction, and intellectual environment. So, if you want to accelerate this growth in your child, then do supplement their learning with mentally stimulating activity books!

In order to make it easier for you, we have curated an age-wise list that will help you understand the necessities according to different age groups.

Activity Books for 0 – 2 Years

Cloth activity books for infants to toddlers

Cloth books are perfect for this age group! Not only are they easier to grasp, but are equally light and manageable. The pages are easy to turn, even for toddlers. Cloth activity books for children, also known as busy books for infants, or quiet books for toddlers, are soft, reusable, and washable which make them an even more attractive option for the kids. They also have interactive activities inside which introduce little children to essential themes like daily routines, animals, vehicles, numbers, etc. These help the child improve the dexterity of their little fingers as well as pique their interest with the bright and vibrant colors used in these soft books.

Some of these books have small squeaker toys or tiny bells embedded in the page, some have different textured fabrics used to help develop the child’s tactile sense. Some others have interactive flaps or mirrors hidden, ensuring the child remains engaged while developing his or her mental capability.

Here’s our recommendation of some wonderful quiet or busy books for infants to toddlers:

Lullaby and Goodnight Quiet Book Busy Book Cloth book for infants to toddlers

Colouring books for very young kids

Colouring/Painting books for kids make them more artistically aware and creative. Children’s colouring books are suitable for 2-year-old children. These generally allow the child to scribble freely on the page, making it convenient for little children. It helps them concentrate and increase their attentiveness while developing their pincer grip, building strength in the fingers start holding a pencil or crayon going forward. Children of 2 years of age can benefit from colouring books by improving their hand strength and dexterity. It also builds their hand-eye coordination.

Our top recommendation is

Sticker Books for Toddlers

These sticker books for children aged 2 and above contain stickers covering a large number of categories. They introduce children of this age group to various concepts and topics like first words, fruits, colours, household objects, and marine animals among others. They encourage young children to use their perception skills and place the right sticker in the right place. Sticker books for 0-2 years age essentially aid in the strengthening of fine motor skills and the ability to differentiate one object from another.

If you are on the hunt for such books, take a look at My Big Book of Stickers

My Big Book of Stickers 9781741849721 coverpage

Activity Books for 2 – 5 Years

Fingerprint books for young children

Fingerprint painting is an innovative activity that allows children to develop their colouring efficiency and improve their awareness about shapes. It strengthens their hand and finger muscles as well. Children can learn about objects and their spatial relationships in various circumstances. Activity Books for Children such as Fingerprint painting books support their cognitive development and expands their creativity.

Our recommendations: 

Fingerprint Fun Wild Animals 9781742819136 cover page

Numbers and Counting

Counting helps young children understand the meaning of each digit and their relation to each other. Designed primarily for ages 2-4, it forms the basis for more advanced mathematical theories that children undertake once they enter school.

Our recommendations are: 

Dot to dots

Dot to dots activity books for children helps them to discover and get familiarized with various concepts like letters, numbers, objects and shapes and introduce the concept of before and after. These types of Activity Books for Children provide the right kind of assistance and help children to stabilize their hands and improve their drawing and writing skills. Through the dots, children can develop their visual-motor control and fine motor skills. It is a valuable teaching tool for writing and making shapes because it strengthens the finger muscles in children.

We recommend:

Find the differences

Spot the differences activity books for children are primarily meant to improve the visual recognition skills in them. It helps them improve their concentration and attentiveness. Since children at this age group need to boost their concentration, memory, and diligence before joining the school, this activity is ideal for that purpose.

Here are our recommendations for this category:


Mazes offer multiple possibilities that aim to help children in building their strategizing powers. They make children more confident in facing challenging situations and expand their problem-solving skills. Mazes for such young children are simple and colourful and help the child follow a simple line till the end.

Some age-appropriate books with mazes for 2-5-year-olds are Me and My World and Twisty Mazes for Little Hands.


Puzzles are a great source of mental exercise. It improves hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills and problem-solving abilities in children. With more and more practice, children learn to give greater attention to detail and consequently grow up to become more hard-working and meticulous people by solving these Activity Puzzles and kits for children.

Find the Hidden Pictures

Hidden Picture activities for children are amazing for increasing concentration and attention. In addition to that, it improves the visual perception amongst them. Most of these activities for kids contain word clues, which substantially expands the vocabulary too!

Our favorite hidden pictures books for 2 – 5 year-olds are:

Writing Books,


  1. Tracing
  2. Wipe Clean or Reusable writing books
  3. Handwriting
  4. Chalkboard books

Writing activity and workbooks improve fine motor skills and habituate children with writing. Preschoolers can significantly benefit from these interactive activity books as it familiarizes them with letters and numbers, while also improving their spelling skills. Writing books may also come in fun and interesting surfaces like chalkboards which make them reusable and retractable.

We highly recommend these writing books:

Sticker books with multiple activities

Slightly more advanced than the previous age group, these books come with a number of child-friendly activities like mazes, puzzles, decorating pictures with stickers, and much more! Additionally, the availability of stickers make the activities even more interesting and effective. These sticker books for children are meant to enhance hand-eye coordination as well as bilateral hand coordination. They refine spatial awareness in them and improve their problem-solving abilities.

Here are our top recommendations:

Colouring books

Colouring books for kids stimulate creativity in them. They can learn about new concepts and topics, as well as build their patience and concentration. Colouring within the edges strengthens motor skills and inculcates a detail-oriented attitude in children. Colouring books for 2 -3-year-olds have thick black borders to help the child learn to color within the lines (like this first colouring book), whereas colouring books for  4-5 years require much more creativity and intricate skills, thus helping children further their artistic abilities.

We recommend:


– with academic syllabus based topics like basic maths, first words, alphabets, patterns, etc.

Children’s Workbooks for 2 – 5 years aim to provide regular practice on multiple topics. Children from these ages need to progress quickly in order to keep up with the advancing studies at school. From the first words and alphabets to basic maths and grammar, children can practice daily with these books and improve their intellectual acuity.

Take a look at our top suggestions:

If you wish to browse through our assorted collection of activity books for the age group of 2 – 5, click here.

Activity Books for 5 – 8 Years

Search and Find

Great for building vocabulary and memory, search and find books for children are perfect for those who have started formal learning at school. It keeps them focused on productive activities and sharpens their visual perception.

Our recommendations:

Spot the Differences

These advanced-level activity books improve concentration, enhance memory and attention to details- all of which are mandatory for excelling in elementary school.

Factbooks with theme-based activities

These are all-in-one books for children with multiple activities. Usually, they are based on a theme or concept, which makes it more exciting for school children. They can engage in brain-teasing activities while learning about important topics simultaneously.

Our favourites are:

Writing books like

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar Workbooks
  3. Handwriting Books

These workbooks for children prepare them in handling difficult and advanced writing concepts for better comprehension of school lessons. They improve young children’s intermediate-level grammar and spelling skills. Additionally, these educational books make children more confident about their independent writing skills.

Have a look at our top recommendations:


Mazes for 5 – 8 years help children in building their strategizing powers. They make children more confident in facing challenging situations and expand their problem-solving skills. Since this age group is more advanced, the mazes are also equally demanding. They test and strengthen the reasoning and critical thinking skills in children.

We highly recommend: Mazes An Activity Zone Book School Zone


Puzzles improve hand-eye coordination and concentration above all. It develops skills that help children handle complex situations without the assistance of elders. Puzzle activities for 5 – 8 years increase their attention to details and improve their memory, which are crucial for formal education.

Our top recommendation is Whoosh! Puzzles Doodles and Space Facts

Mental Maths

Children belonging to this age group can heavily benefit from mental maths workbooks for 5 – 8 years. As your little ones progress through these books, they become more comfortable with advanced mathematical concepts. Mental maths is vital if you want your children to develop a deeper understanding of numerical theories and relationships between quantities.

Our recommendations are:

To browse our entire activity book selection for 5 – 8-year-olds, click here!

Activity Books for 8 Years and Above


Advanced level mazes require quick thinking and analyzing powers. These mazes help your children develop better reasoning and prepare them to handle challenging situations.

Our top picks are:


Children’s Puzzles for 5-8 years are adequately complex. They serve to improve memory and retention power. Moreover, they promote concentration and spatial awareness.

Word Searches

Word Searches’ activity for children is ideal for furthering visual recognition and perception. It supports in building a good base for spellings amongst young children and learn new words in order to enrich their vocabulary.

Our recommendations are:

Maths workbooks

These Math workbooks for 5-8 years help in keeping the brain sharp and active at all times. With regular practice, the brain muscles become stronger, and thus, the mental faculties become more efficient. These math workbooks for children are great for practicing as well as furthering mathematical skills amongst school children.


Make your children develop better problem-solving skills as well as logical reasoning with activities such as Sudoku for children. This activity is known to increase patience and attention, in addition to making children identify the relations between parts and the whole.

Our favourite is: Puzzle Time Large Print Sudoku Purple


Crosswords are fantastic for expanding vocabulary. Not only does it further the language skills in children, but it also enhances their thought processes and analyzing skills. What’s more, crossword activities for children releases stress and tension as well!

We recommend:

Brain Training books

with focus on

  1. Numerical logic
  2. Perceptual Depth
  3. Critical thinking and strategizing

Lastly, these brain-training books for older children are indispensable if you want your children to widen their overall cognitive acuity. Brain training books for 8 years and above introduces them to complex theories of strategizing, abstract thinking skills, logical interpretation and reasoning. Apart from being important for excelling in studies, brain training kid’s activity books provide a firm foundation for any future challenging situations in life.

Our top picks for 8-year-olds and above are:


To view all the activity books for this age group, click here.

So, if you are convinced and wish to prepare your little ones for success from an early age, then browse through our terrific collection of activity books for children, today!

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